Friday, 26 August 2016


As a runner at school I became slightly under weight and lost my self-confidence. That is when I decided to join the gym and build some muscles. After 2 year of gym I became a completely different person and I had more self-confidence. When I started college I automatically became 1 of the popular kids in college because of the self confidence that I had build. My plan was to get a degree in Marketing and business management.

I passed my first year and got my Diploma. When I was busy with my second year, I was approached to enter a Mr and Miss Damelin by the organizers of the contest. I did very well and made the top 5.That is just something that I would have never even considered doing when I was in high school. After the competition, I looked back to what had gotten me there and it was gym with a help of a personal trainer. I was inspired to become a personal trainer, so I stopped studying marketing and study Personal training course. My main goal was to help people who were in a similar position that I was in before I started exercising (low self-confidence) because of body image issues.

When I became a Personal Trainer, one of my colleagues (Tanse Leisher) who was in his late fifties and an experienced Personal Trainer, who became a friend and a mentor to me. “He told me I look great but my posture was terrible." Throughout my training career I focused mainly on training the front muscles which is what 1 sees when standing in front of the mirror. I neglected most of the back muscles that is how I ended up with a round spine. I started doing research on exercises for posture correction and discovered yoga.  I started practicing yoga mainly for my posture correction. After practicing yoga for few months I started noticing the difference; I was calm and had improved posture.

Exercise had helped me with self-confidence, it had also made me short tempered and aggressive which I did not like. After a few months of yoga that changed. I was not aggressive anymore, more tolerant and a better person. I decided to study a Yoga course and started teaching it.

This is how I became a Personal Trainer and a Yoga teacher.

Over the years' I have evolved into working  with male and female over the age of 45;  helping them with stress management, stay fit as they age, have less or no musculoskeletal pain, have good quality sleep, improve their quality of life and feel great about themselves.

My Current Goal

Is to impact 1000000 lives, get all your friends and family who might benefit from my knowledge to subscribe to the mailing list at

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