Thursday, 15 September 2016

Herbalife Nutrition

How I got involved with Herbalife Nutrition

I was introduced by a friend and a colleague who is also a certified Personal Trainer. Amy Da Silva became a herbalife nutrition member to help her clients with nutrition after realizing that exercise alone is not enough for clients who want to lose weight and transform their bodies.

At the time when she introduced me I was using other nutrition programs. Nutrition programs that are South African and convenient.

What caught my attention is how the company started and operates.
 Herbalife was started by Mark Hughes who lost his mother at the age of 18 from diet pills. He started the company to assist people with safe nutritional programmes to help them avoid taking the unsafe route that his mother had taken.

When I started drinking herbalife formula1 shake my stomach felt better compared to when I was using other shakes. I am never bloated anymore and feel great overall


Herbalife is all about quality.It started a year before I was born ( 1980) and they are one of the biggest nutrition companies in the world. They control the ingredients from where they are farmed, packaging  and transportation of the products from California to over 90 countries in the world.

I don't just feel great from using Herbalife nutritional products but I also get to live my purposewhich is to help people with nutrition, health, fitness and better quality of life. I am experiencing better results with clients and my personal health and fitness since I have incorporated Herbalife Nutrition to my Yoga and fitness programs.


Sizwe Gumede is a fulltime Personal Trainer and a yoga teacher with over 10 years of experience. He works with males and females over the age of 45 who want to  manage stress, stay fit as they age, have less or no musculoskeletal pain, have good quality sleep, improve the quality of their lives and feel great about themselves.