Sunday, 11 February 2018

Should I Stop Eating Carbohydrates?

I got a question from a client who wants to lose weight. The question was should I stop eating carbohydrates if I want to lose excess body fat?

My answer is no. You don't have to stop eating carbohydrate in order to lose weight.
If you want to lose weight and maintain your ideal body weight for the rest of your life
you have to incorporate all the macro nutrients in your eating plan. Macro nutrients are
carbohydrates, protein and heathy fats.

The reason why we need carbohydrates in our eating plan is because carbohydrates provides our body with energy.

So if you want to live a healthy active lifestyle you should be eating healthy carbohydrates to fuel your body so that you always have energy and feel great all the time.

Sizwe Gumede is a full time Personal trainer and a yoga teacher with over 15 years of experience. He works with males and females over 50 who want to manage stress, stay fit as they age, have less or no musculoskeletal pain, have good quality sleep, improve the quality of their lives and feel great about themselves